Connecting Generation 

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An Intergenerational Service in Seattle  

Our Program

We believe all members of society, regardless of age, are valuable and can add worth to their community in unique and powerful ways.

We believe it is our social responsibility to teach our children to honor and care for others, particularly, the elders of our society.


Our  program engages children and youth in social and academic experiences as they interact with seniors citizens. 

Below is a actual story that tells about a visit with the senior...

     I took a group of preschoolers to a local assisted living facility. The children were asked to bring something green from home for St. Patrick’s Day to share with their senior friends; a show and tell activity. The children were able to tell the seniors what they brought from home and why the item was significant to them. Thus, the seniors were given a snapshot  into the families and lives of these children, creating an opportunity for cultural appreciation. 

     Next we asked the group to color the clovers or to attempt to draw the items that were brought to the group. We learned that one of the seniors had a knack to draw. She drew the frog that a two year old brought from home. The senior woman smiled as she proudly held her master piece of the frog up for all to see.  Although the little girl could hardly talk, we were able to point to the senior’s drawing and say, “Frog”; the little girl smiled at the picture.

    Through this simple but powerful interaction, a child’s vocabulary was enhanced, and senior learned what was important to a child. This same senior’s happiness was stimulated as she smiled at the accomplishment of her art work. Ultimately bonding took place between two members of our current society whose age groups are increasingly growing apart!