Connecting Generation 

Community Services

An Intergenerational Service in Seattle  


​Connecting Generations
Engage ~ Share ~ Learn~ Grow

Our Mission

To enrich communities through community service, education,  and

purposeful interactions between the young and the elders.

Connecting Generations throughT.I.M.E.

Togetherness- collaboration: We need the support of the entire community; schools, convalescent home directors, youth, middle-aged and seniors, family members and policy makers.

Inclusiveness: No one is isolated; visits and positive interactive experiences occur.

Meaning to life: Everyone is seen a resource to their community. Everyone has a valuable role in their community.

Education: Learn the experience of another age group and how to glean life from one another. Learn how to approach aging with a more healthy realistic viewpoint through-

  • Social AND academic curriculum for children

  • Environmental awareness and appreciation

  • Creative expressions (art, music and movement, drama)

  • Community service

  •  Workshops for teachers

  • Workshops for community


Our program currently serves communities in the Seattle area.